Lutheran Resources


Lutheran Synod Digital Publishing provides digital services for Lutheran congregations. Understanding technology and resources as First Article gifts of God, all of our services are geared specifically to reflect the Gospel and the means that God uses to provide for His church.

The Hausvater Project seeks to equip Christian men and women for distinctive and complementary vocations in family, church, and society, by fostering research and education in light of Holy Scripture as proclaimed by the Lutheran Confessions.

Issues, Etc. is a two hour long confessional Lutheran radio talk show interviewing various pastors, theologians, and theologically astute laymen in various vocations. As one promo bit says, it is “Theology for blue collar, white collar, and clerical collar.” Issues, Etc. is also available on-demand at and at iTunes. A 24/7 Best of Issues, Etc. station is also heard at

In 2012, Issues, Etc. also launched a 24/7 Sacred Music radio station called “Lutheran Public Radio” that can he heard at

Kloria Publishing creates and distributes books, artistic works, and other materials which proclaim the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ and uphold the teachings of God’s Word as correctly expounded in the Lutheran Confessions.

An online retailer of orthodox Lutheran goods such as art, church banners, certificates, cards, books, jewelry, and houseware goods.

Pax Domini Press has been producing quality Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and other education programs since 2004. While many VBS programs have themes rooted in pop culture and tend to be light on content, Pax Domini Press products use no gimmicks and anchor the programs on themes from the Gospel

The CCA is an auxiliary organization of Peace Lutheran Church, Sussex, Wisconsin made up of Lutheran pastors and laymen. The Academy is dedicated to the promotion of Luther’s Small Catechism and faithful Lutheran catechesis. The CCA produces catechetical materials and sponsors seminars and lectures on subjects related to catechesis. The Annual Symposium on Catechesis is an event sponsored by the CCA on the third Thursday and Friday in June.