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Audio of Pr. Paul Webber

Composer notes: Luther once remarked that “Music is a very fine art. The notes can make the words come alive.” It is my hope that the notes do so and only serve to point back to the text. The first portion is sung as a chant and the rest is rhythmic with two strong pulses per measure.

Would the “About the Artist/Composer/Author” section fit in the column section on the right of those pages that they are on?

About the Artist:

Mrs. Karyn Lukasek received her B.A. in Studio Art from Bethany Lutheran College in 2009. Today, she is blessed to be a wife and a stay-at-home mother to three rambunctious boys. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and illustrating children’s books, reading to her children, experimenting in the kitchen, and relaxing with a book of her own. Concordia Publishing House has published two of Karyn’s children’s books in its Arch books collection: Where Did the World Come From? and The Christmas Connection.

About the Composer:

Miss Christina Harman received her B.A in Music from Bethany Lutheran College in 2010 is self-employed and also teaches for Wittenberg Academy. She lives in Mankato, MN.